Saturday, August 17, 2002

The Softer Side After spending a wonderful afternoon catching up with my old high school friends (not that old), I started going through that whole process of remembering the good old days (nostalgia is a bitch). Everything looks better in retrospect, life seems easier, carefree, and a lot more fun. Obviously, this isn't exactly what I'd call an objective view of the past, but it's what I'm left with. I find it truly interesting to see how amazingly selective our memory is (and how deceptive). I know for a fact that, like every other teenager, I was convinced that my life was terribly confusing and with every little heartbreak, I thought I was going to die. But now, all I can really remember was how good it was to skip class, sneak out of the house to go out at night, hide to smoke a cigarrete on campus (BIG NO NO at my old school, actually got me suspended). It just seems like when we're finally beginning to step into the world, everything is so exciting, every little moment is a discovery. Somehow, we lose this childish innocence along the years, not because it's a bad thing but because life makes us so jaded and defensive. We hide from risks just to avoid the possibility of disappointment. It's so sad. And, due to this "awesome" epiphany (HA), I've decided to let loose, go out on a limb and see where it takes me. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

ANALYSIS I'm one of those people that tends to over analyse everything. This (trust me) has caused several problems, but every so often it turns out to be a good thing. So, this is an attempt to externalize the constant discussion going on in my head and it will, perhaps, give me a chance to hear what you think about the subject.

Today's subject deals directly with the current situation in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Ever since the beginning of this globalization talk, there have been energetic supporters and fierce opposition. The truth of the matter is that the ones truly affected by this situation rarely have the opportunity to make any real decisions relating to it. Brazil is a perfect example of this damned situation. Here is a young country who is literally struggling to stay afloat in a globalized world. The currency's value changes every day with up to 10% differences from one day to the next. 1 Real , which 6 years ago was worth 1 Dollar, is now worth 31 cents of a Dollar. National industries struggle to compete with large multinational industries that use cheap labor and other countries' resources to produce items with prices that will knock out the competition. 60% of the polititians in the government are either suspected or have been convicted of acts of corruption in the past. This nation was repressed by an imoral dictatorship for over 20 years and now, when there is finally a chance of recover, the so called "first world" countries have established an economic dictatorship, making it virtually impossible for any of these countries to become self sufficient. I guess their dependence on the I.M.F. makes them easier to control and more willing to do exactly what they say. I'm not pointing the finger of blame specifically at one country, but I am indeed appalled at what the current economic policies of the world are doing to less fortunate nations, which already have so many issues to deal with.